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Pascagoula Area Insight

  • Kendall Arnold
    RE/MAX Results In Real Estate
    Thank you for meeting me. Shh, we must keep our voices low, were you followed? Can you keep an open mind? What I'm sharing with you today may surprise you, possibly astonish you. But after you've been enlightened, I encourage you to continue your journey toward....the truth.

    Travel back with me to the fall of 1973, the early evening of October 11th. Here, on the banks of the Pascagoula River, not far from where Ingalls Shipbuilding currently sits, two men decided to try their luck fishing. Little did they know, they would be the ones to be caught that night. According to their testimony, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) descended upon them, and they were taken aboard the craft where various tests were performed. Before you easily chalk this up to nonsense, they were interviewed by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, nationally known Dr J. Allen Hynek, and they even passed a lie detector test. The city of Pascagoula, as well as the Jackson County Historical and Genealogy Society, sponsored a historical plaque on the site. The plaque provides much more detail and finishes with, and I quote, "(This incident) remains the best documented case of alien abduction, particularly since there is a secret tape involved, and not one, but two witnesses."

    What do you think? Hard to believe? Let's meet up on the riverbank and see what we can catch... or maybe get caught? Together we can search if the truth is out there, or up there?
  • Jennifer Schmidt Dalgo
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    Pascagoula offers a unique spin on one of the many public beaches found on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The City of Pascagoula is proud of their Beach Park,which encompasses 14 acres including a white sand beach, 1000 foot fishing pier, green space park with a playground, splash pad, picnic benches, walking trail and much more. In 2015, the city named a bridge over Baptiste Bayou on the beach after their hometown musician, Jimmy Buffett. Shortly after, a stretch of the beach was also dedicated and renamed Buffett Beach.

    The Point is another useful public facility on the beach which can be found at the west end of Beach Boulevard. The Point is a boat launch with ample trailer parking, has nice piers for loading/unloading your boat, and many times you fill see people fishing from the piers. This launch is quick access to the Mississippi Sound and makes a short boat ride to some of the many barrier islands. On any given day, you will find that locals also make this site their lunch break location. The views you get when sitting in your car looking south at the water or west to the shipyard watching the boats gives you a calming feeling.

    Put Pascagoula Beach on your exploring list as a "sight to see"!

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